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Hot Chocolate Breakfast Bowl


Feb 4, 2023

Craving for chocolaty treat to kick start the day? Then ditch your regular shake or smoothie and make a delicious, thick and creamy Hot Chocolate bowl and start your day with a dainty sweet treat. To make this chocolate dish healthy you can add in oats, fruits, seeds and nuts and customize it as per your taste preference. So, without a further ado follow us through some simple steps and nail this delish treat.

Step 1 Boil milk

To begin with this easy breakfast recipe, take a vessel or a pan and add in milk. Stir occassionally and add in dark chocolate.

Step 2 Add cocoa powder

Keep stirring and add cocoa powder, sugar and ensure that the mix is lump free. Add cornflour and reduce the heat.

Step 3 Stir well

Add in the heavy cream , almond flakes and coconut (save some for garnishing). Keep stirring till the mixture turns thick and rich.

Step 4 Enjoy

Pour it in a bowl, add sliced banana sprinkle some cinnamon, coconut flakes and almonds. Enjoy!